We get a lot of questions about HVAC systems from the people that have become our sales and service customers over the years. Many of these questions are asked over and over. Because of that we thought we would share a few that might help you out with a similar HVAC question you might have on your mind.

Question: My HVAC is maintenance free right? A: Absolutely not. Although HVAC systems very rarely break down and they are one of the most durable products you can buy they still require routine care. It is recommended that your local HVAC service tech come out to your home and inspect the system and clean it at least once a year. During this service call they will replace filters as necessary, clean and … continue reading

A Quick Overview of How Air Conditioning Works

No matter where you are in North America the summers can get really hot and humid. There is nothing worse than being outside on a day like that. It makes you feel sticky, lethargic and moody. That is why it is so nice when you go home and the minute you walk through the door you feel that cold blast of air conditioning. That feeling you get from the cool air can actually change your entire attitude for the rest of your day. Air conditioning is an amazing thing but not many people really know how it works. Here is a quick overview of how air conditioning actually works.

The Key ingredients to make Cool Air

An air conditioner is a simple yet complicated device all at the same time. … continue reading