What You Need to Know About Split Air Conditioners

split air conditionersAll of us want to go home to a comfortably cool home after a long day at work, especially during summer where the heat is intense, and the humidity is at an all-time high. While not all of us are lucky enough to have our own central air conditioning at home, the rest of us can still survive with the help of window units.

However, there are certain areas in your home where installing a window unit is not just feasible. If you want a discreet way to make your home cooler, a split air conditioner is the solution you’ve been looking for all along. It can help you solve your temperature-regulating issues that cannot be addressed by a central AC or window unit installations.

Split air conditioners have two primary parts: the indoor unit and then the outdoor unit. You install the outdoor unit on or near the wall just outside the space or room that needs cooling. You can find the compressor, expansion coil/ capillary tubing and condenser coil inside this unit. Meanwhile, the indoor unit with its sleek appearance houses the air filter, long blower, and cooling coil.

The Advantages of a Split Air Conditioner

You don’t need extensive installations or install a duct system for a split air conditioner. A set of electric wires and tubing connects the outdoor and indoor units. Split air conditioners are actually environment-friendly and can let you enjoy big savings. The duct system necessary among most conventional air conditioner units are the main contributors to your high energy expenditures. And a lot of central air conditioners lose so much energy because of the heat exchange happening in the air duct system. So, there is a minimal reason to lose energy in a split air conditioner because of the absence of a duct system.

Among the other advantages of a split air conditioner compared to a conventional AC is its quiet performance. The fan (which cools the condenser) and the compressor are the parts of the AC that make the most noise. But with a split air system, the fan and condenser are found outside the space being cooled; thus, you can enjoy less noise coming off from the unit, not like with regular window air conditioners.

Another notable advantage is that you have the option of upgrading to a multi-split system, where you can connect several more indoor units to a single outdoor unit. So, it is possible for you to cool plenty of rooms or make sure a very big space stays cools all the time by using a couple of indoor cooling units instead of one.

Split air conditioners are an efficient and economical way of cooling your home. However, take into consideration the fact that you have to shell out more money when purchasing the new split air conditioner unit and its subsequent installation than with ordinary window ACs. But the amount of savings on your future energy bills pretty much outweigh this higher initial cost. Also, a split air conditioner stays longer and provide more efficient cooling than others.