How to Unplug a Drain

There are most likely a large number of drains in your home, apartment or condo. They take the bath and shower water away that you use and also take away the water from every time you use your sinks too. You have drains for your washing machine and of course let’s not forget the all-important toilet drains too. There are few guarantees in life but one of them is if you have drains in your home one or more of them will get plugged up at some time. Here are some steps on how to unplug a drain in your home.

Use a Plunger
The very first step in learning how to unplug a drain is by getting out that old and faithful magical plumbing tool the ‘plunger’. These are as essential to have in your home as toilet paper is. There is nothing worse than having a toilet you can’t use or a backed up kitchen sink drain and this handy plumbing tool can get a majority of clogs out on its own. When using one make sure the rubber end completely covers the drain opening so all the force of air when plunging goes into the drain line.

Drain Unclogging Liquid
How to Unplug a DrainIf the plunger does not work don’t panic and call your local plumbing professional just yet. There are a few more things you can try on your own first before taking that step. One of them is pouring drain cleaner into the drain to try and chemically work out that stubborn clog. You can buy the expensive and harsh drain cleaning chemicals at the store or you can make your own effective and environmentally friendly drain cleaner. A simple mix of household vinegar and baking soda will often do wonders when left sitting in a drain overnight. It will also help clean the drain line and rid it of smells too. Make sure to run hot water for several minutes into the drain in the morning if the clog indeed came out.

Snake the Drain
If drain cleaner fails to do the trick then next it’s time to try something with a little more raw power such as a drain snake. These come in various forms and if you do not own something like a simple toilet snake then you can rent a drill snake pretty inexpensively at your local home improvement center in most cases. A drill snake has power but is not so heavy and it’s simpler to use than bigger drain snakes; perfect for the non-professional. All you have to do is feed the snake line slowly into the clogged drain line until you feel the clog. Once at the clog turn the drill on and let it naturally work its way through the clog; do not force it. Be sure not to scratch any of the surfaces around the drain opening with the snake.

By now the water in your sink, toilet or other drain should be flowing smoothly because you now know how to unplug a drain. If your drain is still plugged up at this point it’s now time to call in a professional plumber to get that stubborn clog out for you.